Monday, June 13, 2011

Extended comments

Extended Comments to Amanda’s blog:

Amanda and I agree on Meyer’s main point, gender discrimination needs to be addressed by schools and teachers and it needs to be corrected. Amanda states that this discrimination is caused/leads to hate and can have serious consequences for those being bullied. She mentioned her experiences in high school and how the school never addressed these issues. I have to agree with this statement. I graduated school in 2001 and there were students who were bullied because of their sexual orientation and nothing was ever done for them. It seems that in a world were we are exposed to all of these issues daily (i.e. Suicides of teens because of harassment) these issues should be addressed. It makes me wonder if the statement “we only fear what is unknown” is true, because we do know about these topics and yet people still fear/hate them. Amanda points out that Meyer talks about how the administration effects the school culture. I have to agree with this statement. Last semester I took the Administration of a Reading Program and the number one thing that we discussed was the influence that the administration holds on school culture.  Amanda says that teachers who feel “marginalized by the culture of power” spoke out more, unless they felt they would be opposed by the administration. I thought that Meyer was saying the same thing. In this study Meyer interviewed teachers who fell into this “marginalized” group, I wonder if the results would be different if she had heterogeneous study group? Amanda’s blog was thought provoking and her links were very useful for educators.  

This Youtube video shows how society view sexual harassment and then how it is transmitted to teens. 
The net video discusses the sever consequences of bullying 
This last video is an interview with Meyer 

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